Brødrene Aa wins contract for three high speed catamarans

Brødrene Aa, Hyen, Norway just annonced the signing of a new contract for 3 additional high speed carbon fiber catamaran ferries for the Chinese market.  The customer, Zhongshan-Hong Kong Passenger Shipping Co-op Co., Ltd (ZS), China will be operating the ferries between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.

Two of the vessels in the contract will be 42 meters in length with a capacity of 300 passengers and have maximum operating speed of 40 knots. The third vessel will be 42 meters as well, but with a capacity for 230 passengers and a max operating speed of 37 knots.

Construction of the vessels will begin at the shipyard in Hyen in November 2017 and will be all completed and delivered in Hong Kong by June 2019. “This contract represents an important milestone in our efforts to penetrate the Chinese market”, said CEO Tor Øyvin Aa.

In 2015 Chinese Chu Kong Shipping made an equity investment in Brødrene Aa. In this partnership one objective was to establish a joint composite manufacturing facility in China as well as providing market opportunities for completed vessel from Brødrene Aa’s yard in Norway.

 Composite technology has long been the construction material of choice for Brødrene Aa and we are today recognized as the world leader for fuel efficient low emission carbon fiber ferries. We launched our first carbon fiber ferry as early as 2002. Since then we have continued to improve our designs and construction technology meeting the demand for lower emissions and reduced operating expenditures where weight reduction has been key to the success. 

”With vessels operating long hours at speeds of 40 knots you really capitalize on the benefits of carbon fiber constructions. Lighter vessels render lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. This contract will allow us to demonstrate the benefits our vessels bring to the markets in China and other Asian markets as well” says Tor Øyvin Aa.



Boreal Sjø takes delivery of MS Jektøy

We are pleased to announce that vessel nr 287, MS Jektøy, was handed over to Boreal Sjø AS on Thursday the 23th of february. The new carbon fibre catamaran is 25m long and has the capacity to carry 147 passengers in a cruising speed of 25 knots. The vessel is built to the IMO HSC 2000 and NMA Fartsområde 4. 

MS Jektøy is built on our well proven semi-planning hull, used for more than 30 previous deliveries. However, the superstructure is brand new on this vessel. Developed in cooperation with Hareide Design, the lines of the exterior is made in coherense with our new 30- and 40 meter vessel designs, see Valderøy and Jin Zhu Hu

Stationed in the city of Molde, the vessel has already entered into service on the route to Vestnes and Sekken. Passengers can enjoy a spacious salon with low noise levels (65 db on avg.) and comfortable seats from West Mekan. 

The new build is equipped with 2xMTU 8V2000 M72 engines, each supplying 720kW of power. Reduction gears and CPP propellars are delivered by Servogear, and the evacuation system by Undertun. 

For more pictures and info, see vessels page here. 






Brødrene Aa wins JEC World Innovation Award

"Vision of the Fjords" on Nærøyfjorden (Picture: Sverre Hjørnevik)

"Vision of the Fjords" on Nærøyfjorden (Picture: Sverre Hjørnevik)

It is pleasure to announce that our hybrid-electric sightseing vessel, Vision of the Fjords, has won the prestigous JEC World Innovation Award 2017 in the category "better living". The prize is awarded Brødrene Aa together with co-winners Diab (Norway), Saertex GmbH & Co KG (Germany) and Reichhold (Norway).  

With a network of 250,000 professionals, JEC Group is the largest composite organization in the world. The JEC World Innovation Award rewards the best composite breakthroughs in 13 different categories based on their technical interest, market potential, partnerships, financial & environmental impact and originality. The price ceremony will be held in Paris on the 15th of March.

This is the second time Brødrene Aa wins the JEC World Innovation Award. Back in 2005, Brødrene Aa won the prize together with Devold AMT (now part of Saertex group) for the development of vacuum infused carbon fiber ferries. 

Read more about the JEC World Innovation Award 2017 at JEC website here.









Press Release: CKSE aquiring shares of Brødrene Aa AS

Hong Kong based Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Holding) (CKSE) purchases through a daughter company 40 % of the Norwegian fast boat yard Brødrene Aa AS

On December 16th 2015 in Hong Kong, Deputy GM Leng Buli  in Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises Co., Ltd and Director/CEO Tor Øyvin Aa in Brødrene Aa Eigedom AS/Brødrene Aa AS signed an agreement for the sale and purchase of 40% of the shares in Brødrene Aa AS (Br.Aa). The CEO and Deputy GM of the utmost parent company, the Chairman/ CEO’s, directors of purchasing group and advisors attended the signing. From Br.Aa attended the chairman, managers and advisors. The parties are looking forward to final approvals from both board of directors.

The investment includes a significant private placement of shares in Br.Aa, which will give Br.Aa very solid financial muscles for future development.

Brødrene Aa is situated in Hyen, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway and is mainly manufacturing fast commercial passenger vessels built in carbon fiber composite in the range of 20 – 41 meter. These vessels are considered to be the state of the art for this kind of vessels. The yard has built 50 carbon fiber vessels including those under construction, and is widely recognized as a global leader in its field.

The purchasing Group companies are operating approx. 50 passenger fast ferries in the Hong Kong waters and Mainland China, and is thus the biggest operator in the area.

The cooperation between the parties have already started with the shipbuilding contracts and construction of two (2) 41 meter catamarans in carbon fiber composite.

The Chu Kong Shipping Group and her affiliated company will raise new yard facilities in Mainland China for outfitting and construction of carbon fiber vessels based on the Br. Aa-technology. This will give the cooperation a new dimension and provide a very competitive product to the market.

Br.Aa will establish a company in Hong Kong which together with Br.Aa in Norway will take care of marketing, sales and engineering, and will assist in setting up and run the new “state of the art” yard in Mainland China. The transactions prove the strength of the Br. Aa-technology, know-how and competence.

A large market and an increased capacity will strengthen the competitive power of the yards and can optimize the comparative advantages between the yards in the two countries.

Tor Øyvin Aa
CEO Brødrene Aa AS

CEO: Tor Øyvin Aa                      +47 95057187                                                             
Chairman: Leif Riksheim            +47 90836860


New order: Three carbon catamarans for Boreal Transport Nord

Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce that Boreal Transport Nord has placed an order for three new carbon fibre catamarans.

The three new builds will be used for public passenger transport in the municipality of Møre og Romsdal. Two of the catamarans have identical arrangements, accommodating 147 passengers on a 24 meter hull platform. The third vessel will be 30 meter of length and have a capacity of 199 passengers.

-        This is a big and important contract for us. Boreal Transport Nord is a key customer with a large fleet of high speed vessels, including five carbon fibre catamarans. The company has recently taken delivery of two vessels from us and we really appreciate to be awarded this new contract for three more carbon fibre vessels” says Tor Øyvin Aa, managing director at Bødrene Aa.

The new builds will be delivered during ultimo 2016 and primo 2017. 

M/S MELKØY delivered to Boreal Transport Nord


Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce that M/S Melkøy has been handed over to Boreal Transport Nord. 

Melkøy is a multipurpose carbon fibre catamaran, taking 97 passengers and 2 cars. It is powered by 2 x Scania Marine diesel engines,  equipped with controllable pitch propellers from Servogear and  designed for a service speed of 25 knots.

Melkøy is sistership of the recently delivered Loppøy

For more info, see vessels page here.


Brødrene Aa awarded contract for two 40m catamarans for China/Hong Kong

Illustration by Hareide Design

Brødrene Aa has won the international tender issued by Guangzhou Panyu Lianhuashan Port Passenger Transport Co., Ltd , (subsidiary of Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises Holdings Co. ltd) for design and build of two coastal high speed catamarans.

The contract comprises two identical vessels; both made of carbon fibre composites, each with a capacity of 270 passengers.

“We are very pleased with this contract, which is our biggest export-order to date. Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta is one of the largest markets for high speed vessels so this contract is a great opportunity for us” says Tor Øyvin Aa, managing director at Brødrene Aa.

The design is based on a low resistance hull form that has been used for several previous deliveries from Brødrene Aa. The length of the vessel is 40,8m and the beam is 10,8m. Both catamarans will be powered by 2x MTU 16V2000 M72 engines and driven by waterjets.  

A special feature on this project is the renewed design of the superstructure. More info about this will be published later. 

Delivery times for the new builds are November 2016 and January 2017

Boreal Transport Nord takes delivery of M/S Loppøy

Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce the delivery of hull nr. 275, M/S Loppøy. The 26m carbon fibre catamaran was handed over to Boreal Transport Nord on Friday the 25th of September. 

As for many of the vessels operating on the sparsely populated Norwegian coast, Loppøy is designed to fulfill several functions. The new build takes 97 passengers, 2 cars and is equipped with a crane to handle goods for the local communities.

Loppøy will be operating on the western part of Loppa in Finnmark. In order to handle the sometimes rough weather conditions in this area, the fore-deck is fully covered and parts of the outer deck is fitted with heating wires to prevent icing during the winter.  The vessel is certified for operations in 2,5 meter significant wave heights. 

Powered by 2x Scania DI16 diesel engines, each providing 588kW, Loppøy makes a service speed of 25 knots. Gears and propellers are delivered by Servogear. 

A sister ship of Loppøy is currently under production with expected delivery in November. 

For more info about Loppøy, see vessels page here






Secures contract for new sightseeing vessel

Picture: Contract signing: from left, Stian Hårklau (The Fjords) and Tor Øyvin Aa (Brødrene Aa).

Thursday the 26th of June,  Brødrene Aa was officially awarded the contract to build a new sightseeing vessel for the norwegian operator The Fjords As. The 42m carbon fibre catamaran is scheduled for delivery in May 2016 and will be operating on  "Nærøyfjord" which is a famous norwegian fjord  listed on the Unesco World Heritage list. 

We are excited about the opportunity to start producing this new, innovative design, which we believe will create great experiences for the tourists on Nærøyfjord. It is also a brake through for us to bring our competence in making fuel efficient high speed vessels to this new segment of building environmentally friendly vessels for lower speeds, says Tor Øyvin Aa, managing director of Brødrene Aa. 

The boat is the first of the new Brødrene Aa design called "Seasight", which is created to give tourists a new type of sightseeing experience. Read more about the design here

The official contract is based upon a preliminary agreement made in late april, here you can read more about the news that was released then (scroll down on the news blog). 

New delivery to new customer

With the delivery of “Helgøy Glimt”, a 21m carbon fibre catamaran, yet another Norwegian operator has added a carbon fibre vessel to its fleet. The new customer Helgøy Skyssbåt AS is an operator serving the islands of Ryfylket (nearby Stavanger). The family owned company has a growing fleet of high speed vessels and Helgøy Glimt will be their sixth- and so far biggest vessel.

“We appreciate  that Helgøy Skyssbåt decided to buy a carbon fibre vessel from Brødrene Aa, as the ninth operator in Norway, and we will thank their team for a very good cooperation during the building process “says managing director of Brødrene Aa, Tor Øyvin Aa.

“Helgøy Glimt” has an overall length of 21m and a width of 7,8m. It is built to the IMO HSC 2000 code and the Norwegian Maritime Authority (fartsområde 4). The main deck accommodates 97 passengers over three rows with 28 of the seats facing towards tables. The aft part of the passenger lounge features a ticketing office and two toilets. Disembarking is mainly done over the bow through a hydraulic gangway made by the yard.

The new build is powered by 2x Volvo Penta D13C3-AMP connected to Twin Disc Gears fixed pitch propellers from West Mekan, giving the catamaran a top speed of 29 knots.  

Helgøy Glimt is the third and final new build for the 2013 fast ferry tender in Rogaland, issued by the public transport company “Kolumbus” . All of the new builds for this tender has been made in carbon fibre and delivered by Brødrene Aa (see also: Fjordlys and Rygerprins).

For more pictures and info, see the vessels page here.

Brødrene Aa reveals "Seasight" - a new sightseeing vessel

Brødrene Aa is pleased to present Seasight - our new sightseeing vessel. The innovative design has already gained recognition by "The Fjords" which has made an agreement with Brødrene Aa for further design-development with the intention of signing a contract in early June. 

“Seasight” is  created to give tourists a new type of sightseeing experience. The design is inspired by a typical norwegian mountain trail, twisting and turning up the steep mountain sides. On Seasight passengers are free to explore the whole outer deck on “trails” surrounding the passenger lounge. Here you can take a walk on the boat while enjoying the scenery around you. 

Read more about the design here: Seasight

Panoramic View

Because of the innovative superstructure design, it is possible to create three separate "panorama-zones" in the passenger accommodation, one at the upper deck lounge and two on the main deck -forward and aft. In these areas the roof is elevated and the windows are inclined in order to get a better view. 

Hybrid ElecRtical Drive

Seasight is designed for hybrid electrical propulsion, which enables you to run silently in the most interesting areas, whilst having the sufficient range to do the transport laps efficiently.

Similar to our 40m high speed vessel, Seasight features an advanced slender hull, which in combination with our lightweight carbon fiber building materials makes the vessel very energy efficient. The boat is therefore ideal for battery electric- or hybrid power solutions. 

Agreement is made with “The Fjords”

Brødrene Aa has already made an agreement with “The Fjords”, which is a joint venture between Fjord1 and Flåm AS, to further develop the design for operation in Sognefjord. According to this agreement the intention is to sign a contract in June and deliver the first Seasight in May 2016.


Press photos (.zip)

Rødne Trafikk AS takes delivery of M/S Rygerprins

Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce the delivery of M/S Rygerprins. The 21m carbon fibre catamaran was handed over to Rødne Trafikk AS the 24th of March 2015.

M/S Rygerprins is the 19th new build, and the tenth carbon fibre vessel, delivered from Brødrene Aa to Rødne Trafikk AS. The Sjernarøy-based operator is the company that started the carbon fibre era for Brødrene Aa with the purchase of Rygerdoktoren in 2001. Today, Rødne Trafikk has 17 vessels in their fleet, of which 11 is high speed vessels. M/S Rygerprins will operate local routes in the municipality of Finnøy (Rogaland).

M/S Rygerprins has an overall length of 21m and with of 7,8m. It is built to the IMO HSC 2000 code and the Norwegian Maritime Authority (fartsområde 3). The main deck accommodates 97 passengers over three rows with 25 of the seats placed towards tables. The aft part of the salon features a refreshment kiosk and two toilets. Disembarking is mainly done over the bow through a hydraulic gangway made by the yard.

The new build is powered by 2x Volvo Penta D13C3-AMP connected to gears and controllable pitch propellers from Servogear, giving the catamaran a top speed of 29 knots.  

See the vessels page here.

Kystekspressen ANS takes delivery of M/S Tyrhaug


Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce the delivery of M/S Tyrhaug. The 40m carbon fibre catamaran was handed over to Kystekspressen ANS on Friday the 14th of November. 

M/S Tyrhaug is the sister vessel of Brødrene Aa`s prior delivery, M/S Terningen. The new build is 40,8m long, 10,8m wide. It is equipped with a pair of MTU 16V 2000M72 engines (1440 kW each) powering waterjets from Marine Jet Power. During speed trials the vessel reached 36 knots at 75% load which is almost 2 knots better than what the contract required.

Read more about M/S Tyrhaug on the vessel`s page, here. 

Barents Nord AS takes delivery of Nefelin V

Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce the delivery of hull nr 272, Nefelin V. 

Nefelin V left the yard in Hyen today, heading for the city of Alta where it will be operating. The 26m carbon fibre multipurpose catamaran will be transporting commuters and equipment to the Sebelco Nordic mine at Stjernøya. 

The new build has a total length of 26,3 meter. It is powered by a pair of MAN D 2842 engines coupled to a propulsion system from Servogear. The salon accomodates 80 passengers and is equipped with cruise executive seats from West Mekan. It is built according to standards of universal design with great focus on passenger comfort.  The vessel features a Palfinger crane for cargo handling. More details about Nefelin V can be found on the vessels page, here

Nefelin V will replace the 34 year old monohull, Nefelin IV. The new build has more or less the same capacities as its predecessor, but is reported to cut fuel consumptions by 50% according to operators representatives.