70meter of carbon fiber

ACC70 is a Cargo ship concept designed for fuel efficient rapid transportation with low accelertations    

Inspired by a trail finding its way up a
steep mountain side, Seasight gives you
the ability to move all over the exterior
on trails surrounding the passenger lounge.
Seasight Render 3.jpg
Seasight Render 3.jpg


The experience is stronger when being an active participant rather than a passive spectator.
On Seasight you have the freedom walk all over the boat, breath the fresh air and feel the elements.  


Spectacular nature is best seen from sea. On Seasight you get the front row view to
the landscape through three large panorama lounges. We invite nature inside.

Main deck - starboard forward Cafe


Main deck 


Top deck - starboard


Main deck - forward


Silence of nature should not be disturbed by  the rumbling noise of diesel engines.
Seasight is designed for fully electric or hybrid power solutions to make the ride silent and comfortable.

Seasight Nærøyfjorden 1.jpg



Length: 40 m
Width: 15 m
Materials: Carbonfiber sandwich
Seats:  400
Class: DNV light craft
Main engine: 2x 749kW
El-motor: 2 x150kW
Propeller - CPP propeller
Batterypack: 600 kWh