MS Vision of The Fjords delivered

Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce that our new sightseeing vessel, Vision of The Fjords, has been delivered to the norwegian operator The Fjords, on Saturday the 16th of July. The new hybrid-electric carbon fiber catamaran is designed and built by Brødrene Aa. The ship is designed to carry 400 passengers and will be operating in Nærøyfjord on the west coast of Norway.

The Seasight design

Seasight is the brand name of this new Brødrene Aa design. It is a premium sightseeing vessel designed from the ground up to enhance the passengers' sightseeing experience and reduce the vessels environmental footprint.

The exterior is inspired by a twisting mountain road and gives the passengers freedom to walk around the ship while enjoying the scenery. Inside, the vessel has passenger accommodations on two decks, featuring large panoramic windows, seating in a variety of configurations and a large refreshment kiosk on the main deck. Read more about the Seasight design here.

Hybrid propulsion

Vision of The Fjords is equipped with a electric hybrid propulsion system developed by ABB, powered by Mancraft diesel or by batteries from ZEM. During sightseeing the vessel will be powered by batteries only, while in transit it can use diesel engines to increase the range. The batteries can be charged ether by on-shore power or by the engines on board.

The vessel is built in lightweight carbon fiber composite materials. The low weight is essential to reduce energy consumption and lower the power- and battery capacities needed. The efficient catamaran design also reduces waves and wash on the vulnerable shores of the narrow fjords.

Brødrene Aa would like to thank The Fjords for a very good and constructive cooperation during this challenging project and acknowlegde their vital role as driving force for developing this innovative vessel.

Hyefjord is not the worst place to test a sightseeing vessel.
Last photo by Eikeseth Nygjerd fotografi / Other photos by Emil Rasmussen fotografi