Brødrene Aa reveals "Seasight" - a new sightseeing vessel

Brødrene Aa is pleased to present Seasight - our new sightseeing vessel. The innovative design has already gained recognition by "The Fjords" which has made an agreement with Brødrene Aa for further design-development with the intention of signing a contract in early June. 

“Seasight” is  created to give tourists a new type of sightseeing experience. The design is inspired by a typical norwegian mountain trail, twisting and turning up the steep mountain sides. On Seasight passengers are free to explore the whole outer deck on “trails” surrounding the passenger lounge. Here you can take a walk on the boat while enjoying the scenery around you. 

Read more about the design here: Seasight

Panoramic View

Because of the innovative superstructure design, it is possible to create three separate "panorama-zones" in the passenger accommodation, one at the upper deck lounge and two on the main deck -forward and aft. In these areas the roof is elevated and the windows are inclined in order to get a better view. 

Hybrid ElecRtical Drive

Seasight is designed for hybrid electrical propulsion, which enables you to run silently in the most interesting areas, whilst having the sufficient range to do the transport laps efficiently.

Similar to our 40m high speed vessel, Seasight features an advanced slender hull, which in combination with our lightweight carbon fiber building materials makes the vessel very energy efficient. The boat is therefore ideal for battery electric- or hybrid power solutions. 

Agreement is made with “The Fjords”

Brødrene Aa has already made an agreement with “The Fjords”, which is a joint venture between Fjord1 and Flåm AS, to further develop the design for operation in Sognefjord. According to this agreement the intention is to sign a contract in June and deliver the first Seasight in May 2016.


Press photos (.zip)