Fosen Namsos Sjø takes delivery of M/S Osenfjord

Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce that hull nr 277, M/S Osenfjord, was handed over to Fosen Namsos Sjø on Wednesday the 28th of May. The 21 meter carbon fibre catamaran takes 48 passengers, makes a top speed of 30 knots and features a crane for light cargo handling.

Replacing Brødrene Aa monohull from 1985

M/S Osenfjord will operate local services in the municipality of Osen (Sør Trøndelag) where the vessel Bjørnør, made by Brødrene Aa in 1985, has been operating to date. The 29 year old glass fibre monohull will now be replaced by a modern catamaran made in carbon fibre.

-   When we launched the 20-24m one-deck catamaran in 2011, we hoped that this model would become the next generation vessel for local services in small coastal communities. We are now glad to see that this model is rapidly gaining popularity in this segment, with M/S Osenfjord being the fourth delivery in only two years, says Tor Øyvin Aa, managing director at Brødrene Aa.

 The new build is 21 meter long and 7,5 meter wide. It takes 48 passengers, 2 crew and features a 4,5 tonmeter crane for light cargo handling. The vessel is powered by the Volvo Penta IPS 900 system which includes Volvo D13 engines, gear and steerable pods with forward facing propellers.  During sea trials, M/S Osenfjord reached a top speed of 30 knots

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