Successful refitting of Navy-vessel

Brødrene Aa has recently finished a refitting project on one of the Norwegian Navy`s minesweepers.  As one of two pre-qualified yards, Brødrene Aa consider maintenance on the minesweepers as a future business opportunity.


Picture: MS Hinnøy at the yard in Hyen.

The Norwegian Navy operates today six minesweepers, all build as Surface Effect Ships (SES). This type of catamaran features an air cushion between its hulls where air fans provides lift in the water. Because of its low draft it is less exposed to exploding mines, and therefore ideal for mine clearance activities.

As a former pioneer in building SES fast ferries, Brødrene Aa was involved in the development and testing of the underlying SES technology for the Navy`s minesweepers. But in the public tender for production of the vessels, the cooperation of yards that Brødrene Aa was a part of (called Vestlandsgruppen) came out second and was not selected as suppliers.

Today Brødrene Aa is the only yard additionally to the builder which is pre-qualified for doing maintenance work on these vessels. The yard In Hyen possesses knowledge about the material and the SES technology, and parts of the workforce are security cleared to do jobs for the Navy. Due to this situation, maintenance-work  on the minesweepers is an interesting business opportunity for Brødrene Aa.

Follow this link to read a news article from Firda Tidend about the project (Norwegian text).